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Decrease the time, costs, and risks

Industry leaders from major manufacturing and automation control system users and suppliers have formed an organization to establish essential specifications and processes to be used in the testing and certification of wireless products and systems for the ISA100 family of wireless standards. 


The organization’s mission: Decrease the time, costs, and risks of developing and
deploying standards-based, industrial wireless devices and systems by establishing a
collaborative industry-based program among users, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

  • Conduct independent testing and certifi cation of wireless devices and systems for the ISA100 Wireless Systems for Industrial Automation standards
  • Provide education, tools, and technical support to users and suppliers in the design, certification, deployment, and management of wireless devices and systems that utilize the ISA100 wireless family of standards
  • Accelerate adoption of the ISA100 standards by certifying that wireless devices and systems meet a common set of specifi cations
  •  Assure interoperability using standards, tests, and conformance processes for wireless devices and systems


For USERS, a well-designed and managed product certification process reduces costs, time, and risk in the selection and deployment of wireless products and systems. 

  • Instant recognition of a product’s or system’s wireless communication characteristics and capabilities. 
  • Ability to procure ISA100 Wireless Compliant products and systems that will securely and reliably interoperate ‘out of the box’ within any ISA100 wireless network.
  • Single forum for the product and system test specification requirements and issue resolution ensuring your needs are understood and accounted for.
  • Technical support for the deployment and configuration of ISA100 Wireless Compliant products and systems.
  • Time and cost savings for validation and verification of wireless communication characteristics and capabilities

For SUPPLIERS and INTEGRATORS, the certification process provides a single compliance framework and an ISA100 Wireless Compliant stamp of approval, resulting in faster time to market and lower development and integration costs.  

  • Ability to make and substantiate clear claims of compliance to a consensus, open industry standard via the ISA100 Wireless Compliant designation.
  • Technical support for the development and deployment of ISA100 Wireless Compliant products and systems.
  • Profiles to support the development of the products or systems that users want to purchase.
  • Commitment to a common need for a shared wireless communication vision to be executed by suppliers, users, and integrators.
  • Products and systems that interoperate--enabling more flexible system configurations that allow consistent and predictable performance in any ISA100 wireless network.

For standards bodies and government agencies developing industrial wireless standards, the ISA100 Wireless Compliant program promotes better, field-tested specifications that are clearly being followed by industry.