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Project Challenges
  • The Bodycote facility was able to measure it’s total gas consumption, but it was unable to measure how much gas was being used at each of its furnaces.
  • Without a clear understanding of per furnace gas usage, managers were unable to effectively increase plant efficiency, diminishing the plant’s profitability.

  • Working with an ISA100 Wireless supplier, Bodycote defined the following parameters for each IQ furnace:
    • Furnace total gas usage per load
    • Furnace efficiency
    • Plant utility costs
    • Heat treat area gas usage as compared to facility use
  • ISA100 Wireless transmitters ranged 0-100” H20 were installed on each of the four furnaces main gas lines to sense the actual CfH, as well as summing Cf per second using four virtual pens.

  • Achieved better understanding of associated costs to run specific products in furnaces.
  • Enabled the development of a baseline for future plant improvement and proactive maintenance.
  • Improved reliability of gas usage and cost data.
  • Improved efficiency of four furnaces due to better data analysis.
  • Increased worker safety through remote furnace monitoring.
  • Simplified scheduling of furnace preventative maintenance.

View detailed PDF here.