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Frontier El Dorado

Project Challenges
  • The Frontier El Dorado Refining Company knew the total amount of material going into its Flare Gas Recovery Unit (FGRU), but did not know where it was coming from.
  • Each event required an individual investigation of every unit, consuming time and decreasing efficiency.

  • Given that this project spanned the entire plant and involved monitoring pressures in remote locations, Frontier El Dorado chose ISA100 Wireless to do the job.
  • 10 ISA100 Wireless multinodes were implemented throughout the one square mile refinery at each FGRU’s tie-in to the main flare header.
  • The ISA100 Wireless solution provided a secure link between the multinodes and the DCS.

  • Enabled process engineers to quickly detect pressure changes that would indicate the flow of process material from a unit to the FGRU.
  • Manpower and time savings while improving decision making.
  • A wireless system seamlessly integrated into the existing DCS, making for a uneventful transition.
  • Substantial reduction in the engineering time spent locating the precise source of FGRU load.
  • Significant reduction in the amount of engineering and designer time required to issue construction packages for transmitter installations.
  • 50% reduction in the cost to install compared to traditional wired transmitters.
  • Saving on transmitter costs, due to ability to connect multiple sensors to a single transmitter and monitor them as separate process variables.
  • A scalable infrastructure that is easily expandable to areas presently without coverage.

View detailed PDF here.

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