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Project Challenges
  • Qenos, Australia’s leading plastics and rubber company, runs three plants which interface and exchange product transfer information, as ethylene is produced at the olefins plant and the transferred downstream to the resins and plastics plant.  Qenos was using a combination of an older wireless technology and fixed cable telephone lines to move data from plant to plant and measure product transfers.
  • However, the fixed digital telephone line was being phased out by the incumbent telecommunications provider.  And the existing wireless solution was facing maintenance issues.
  • Qenos selected an ISA100 Wireless mesh network whose installation included serial interface cards for HPM, configuration of multinodes, wireless transmitters, and an interfacing solution for Modbus data with other third-party flow computers.

  • Improved costs savings since the leasing of a fixed line was no longer required.
  • Improved data reliability and efficiency.
  • Reduced installation costs thanks to Modbus format not requiring a PLC but interfacing directly with flow computers.
  • Reduced manual workload and improved safety since data accessed from flow computers can be accessed directly by the olefins DCS.
  • Reduced maintenance compared to wired alternative and created easily scalable wireless infrastructure for future projects.

View detailed PDF here.