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Qingdao Refinery

Project Challenges
  • Qingdao refinery’s Water Supply System was using wired flow meters.  The measurement points were scattered, and cabling to the control room was difficult.
  • Data reading was done by manual inspection, causing high labor costs and non real-time data.

  • Wireless analogue input transmitters were installed to convert existing flow meter outputs, 4-20mA signals, into wireless signals.
  • The wireless transmitters communicated with multifunctional nodes, and integrated into the DCS via the wireless network.

  • Data was integrated between the wireless network and the existing DCS system, allowing real-time monitoring of water supply system flow by the DCS.
  • Simple constructions—no need to layout cables and cable bridges, no need to damage or work around existing infrastructure—reduced cost and commissioning time.

View detailed PDF here.

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