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Tata Chemicals

Project Challenges
  • Tata faced data integrity issues when tapping signals from remote process control areas, and other distant locations including the gas scrubber.
  • Long distances made maintenance and troubleshooting difficult for engineers.

  • Tata choose an ISA100 Wireless system, Honeywell’s OneWireless, which included wireless transmitters, a gateway with SMPS and Lantronix converters, and a serial interface card and FTA communication assembly for communication with the control system.
  • The system now taps transmitter signals from remote locations and bypasses looping the signals through different communication modules.

  • Saves money by eliminating the need for costly instrumentation cabling.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting are simplified, saving labor expenses.
  • Improved data accessibility and reliability.
  • Improved safety and compliance.
  • Improved production efficiency as more accurate data enables better decision making.

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