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Phillips 66 honored by ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute

November 15, 2017

Phillips 66 was presented the “ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation Award” for Leadership in the utilization of site-wide wireless solutions for refinery operations.

(Left to Right) , Andre Ristaino, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute,
Managing Director, John Huot, Phillips 66,
Automation Systems Specialist.

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute presented the Phillips 66 Borger Facility the award at the February 2017 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando during the “Leveraging Smart Field Systems to Create Value in Process Industries”  session, hosted by Tim Shea.

The Borger Facility is recognized for excellence and leadership in testing and deploying site-wide wireless solutions.

The Borger facility was experiencing issues with its tank farms, which were utilizing obsolete gauges and customized, hard to maintain RTU interface technologies.  A key challenge was the large coverage area. The facility’s tank farm covered a 7 mile area, was comprised of 18 independent RTU locations, and used a 3 step protocol conversion process for its data flow.  The assessing team determined the legacy system was no longer supportable due to equipment obsolescence and resources consumed to support heavily customized legacy applications.  

In the team’s search for alternative solutions, key selection criteria required a solution that 1) was permanent 2) was compatible with planned ICS development 3) would not interfere with ongoing plant operations and 4) was easily supportable for a minimum expected life of 15 years. 

The evaluation determined the most cost effective solution was to install commercial off the shelf level gauges and communication infrastructure integrating into a common ICS. 

The team elected to explore the use of wireless communications infrastructure, and followed up with a pilot test of wireless systems from multiple vendors.

Ultimately, the team selected the ISA100 Wireless infrastructure, using Honeywell’s One Wireless® technology.  The team’s selection allowed the maximum density of instruments, demonstrated superior security and reliability, and was easiest to deploy and maintain.

The technology upgrade resulted in an 18% daily throughput improvement in the Borger facility’s blending operations, and increased the speed of data to operators from minutes to seconds.
Following the implementation of the ISA100 Wireless infrastructure, Phillips 66 developed a companywide wireless guidelines and standards document.  The learning from this initial deployment led to a reduction in project time for subsequent wireless initiatives and increased operator effectiveness.

The complete presentation on Phillips 66 work can be found here.

“We are grateful to John for this great oil and gas success story.  This is classic example of improving company operations through selective use of wireless technology,” remarked Andre Ristaino, ISA100 WCI managing director.