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Interview - ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute Members

October 12, 2015


WCI asked members for feedback about ISA100 Wireless and membership in WCI as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that we are meeting the mission of the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. 

Here are the questions asked of members followed by responses that are representative of member sentiments.

1.  What motivated you to join the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute?

2.  What are the top 3 benefits of ISA100 Wireless cited by your customers?

3.  What are the top 3 benefits of ISA100 Wireless cited by the device manufacturer?

4.  How is demand for ISA100 Wireless changing in your industry?

5.  How does ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute membership benefit your organization?


Our objective of participating in WCI is to Monitor Various Wireless Developments and to keep up to date with the current technologies.


As one of the founding members, we joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute because we recognized the need of an organization to provide compliance testing to the ISA100 Wireless standard.  Our industrial customers need this type of reassurance.  Additionally, being a new industrial standard, we recognized the need for further technical development work and for an organization to communicate and educate the marketplace on this new industrial wireless standard.  No other organization was going to do this type of work.

Our customers cite interoperablity with other manufacturer’s products, the broad range of products that cover the different sensing needs, and the scalable and performant network layout as their top 3 reasons for choosing ISA100 Wireless.

As device manufacturers, our top 3 reasons for supporting ISA100 Wireless are:

1.      It's a true network communication protocol.  As a result, it provides the ability to support other protocols.
2.      It's a wireless standard that allows a scalable network design, especially the option to use mesh and/or non-mesh network layouts. 
3.      It is supported by an organization, ISA100 WCI, whose mission is to specify, design and approve the necessary technologies to support the ISA100 Wireless standard, thus maintaining interoperability.

Demand for ISA100 Wireless is growing per what is being said by third parties such as ARC Advisory Group.  The main use cases as reported by ARC and others are accurate, meaning that wireless adoption is occurring for specific applications that suit wireless better.

As members, we have benefited from the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute efforts to facilitate communication and education of the industrial marketplace on the ISA100 Wireless standard and the benefits thereof through webinars and tradeshow presence.  We also benefit from the joint cooperative marketing activities.

Murata Manufacturing Co.

ISA100 Wireless is a competitive wireless standard for Process Automation.  We think it is effective to have and ISA100 Wireless solution in order to expand business in Process Automation.

Our customers frequently cite the ISA100 Wireless' interoperable device ecosystem, reliability, and network scalability as being the top 3 drivers for choosing to adopt the standard.

Membership with the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute allows us to access useful information about business opportunities and certification.

New Cosmos Electric

We joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute in order to research ISA100 Wireless technology for our new products.

Our customers most commonly cite stable communication, short response time, and the ability to select the best device because it's and open standard technology, as being the three most attractive features of the ISA100 Wireless standard.

As device manufacturers, we chose to support ISA100 Wireless because it satisfyies customer requirements, allows us to concentrate on device development. Because it is an open, global standard,  it makes it easy to gain customer acceptance.

In our industry, we see more and more wireless devices being implemented and customer expectations are increasing.

As ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute members, we receive timely infomation on ISA100 Wireless technology.  Additionally, WCI marketing activities and events put us in contact with customers, which helps us to understand market trends better.


We believe ISA100 Wireless is gaining more and more influence in the industrial wireless technology space. The Ecosystem which WCI built is healthy and growing. We joined WCI to gain access to and, support from the ISA100 Wireless ecosystem.

Our customers like ISA100 Wireless' Reliability, ability to mesh, and its security.

In our existing Factory Automation market, ISA100 Wireless is not widely applied in this moment. However, we believe that ISA100 Wireless will play very important role in this market.

The benefit of ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute membership is access to the technology and partnerships resulting from networking with other WCI members.


We joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute in order to comprehend the technology trend, receive technical support, and aquire the latest technical information.

The industry trend we are witnessing is that steam trap related devices are supporting wireless.

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute supports members' device certifications.

Control Data Systems

We joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance institute for access to the implementation specifications for the standard and use of licensed compliance tools.

Our customers recognize the value of ISA100 Wireless' interoperability across multiple vendors, support for IPv6 for IoT, and integration with plant systems.

The device manufacturers we work with cite ISA100 Wireless' ability to work with several gateways (Yokogawa, Nivis, Honeywell) - the fact that it meets demand from end users - and the fact that it is future proof due to IPv6 implementation - as their top reasons for supporting the standard.

Within our industry and our customer base we see the demand for ISA100 Wireless growing steadily.

Membership with the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute has Increased visibility our to customers, given us access to certification services and marketing support, and provided trade show logistics and support.

Rohrback Cosasco Systems

Our reasons for joining the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute are many.  RCS has always been driven to keep up with the latest standards and to give our customer the most comprehensive and cost effective options available. The ISA100 Wireless standard is a global standard that is recognized and adopted by a large portion of our customers. The ability to integrate our corrosion monitoring wireless devices into wireless networks for new and existing customers was a priority for RCS.

The top 3 benefits of ISA100 Wireless according to our customers are:

1.  Network Scalability
2.  The ability to integrate a wide variety of process parameters including corrosion rate into new and existing ISA100 wireless solutions into an integrated corrosion monitoring system or a customer’s existing process automation system.
3.  ISA100 Wireless is a cost effective and highly reliable wireless network solution.

From our point of view as manufacuteres of industrial wireless devices, the following are the top 3 benefits of ISA100 Wireless:

1.  Flexible system configurations allowing our devices to integrate into several different network configurations.
2.  Comprehensive technical support and testing services provided by WCI.
3.  Ease of setup and integration with other ISA100 Wireless Devices and host gateway.

We have seen an increase in demand from customers wanting RCS to provide ISA100 corrosion monitoring solutions because they plan to incorporate a new wireless ISA100 system or use a system which is already in place.

Being a member of ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute has presented many new opportunities to promote our wireless corrosion monitoring devices and to integrate into our customers existing wireless network communications platform. The standard is end user driven and implementation specifications managed by the WCI. RCS has had their first device certified by the WCI, demonstrating clear interoperability with any certified ISA100 system.


We joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute to support our ISA100 Wireless based  valve monitoring device.

Our customers choose ISA100 Wireless becasue of its compliance to an international standard, interoperability between products and infrastructures, and its best in market industrial wireless performance.

We chose to make a product based on ISA100 Wireless because of its increased range performance,  better time response, and capability to tunnel foreign packets.

ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute membership  allows us to approach customers and partners who prefer ISA100 Wireless based products.