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Jemima 2014 Measurement and Control Show, Osaka, Japan

Date: November 19 - 21, 2014

Location: GranCube-Osaka, Osaka, Japan

ISA100 WCI Japan hosted a booth at Japan's largest instrumentation tradeshow.  Hundreds of visitors learned about ISA100 Wireless (IEC 62734 , IS100.11a) and enjoyed a live demonstration from ISA100 suppliers.  Additionally, ISA100 WCI Japan gave 2 technical sessions.  Mr. Satoru Tanabe, Mr. Shinji Nakajima, and Mr. Hitoshi Naoe, ISA100 WCI members, introduced ISA100 Wireless and applications such as wireless vibration monitoring, wireless gas detector, and wireless steam trap monitoring to over 30 people.  Mr. Kenji Suenobu, Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp., introduced a user test of ISA100 Wireless products to over 50 people.

View Mr. Tanabe, Mr. Nakajima, and Mr. Naoe's presentation here.

View Mr Suenobu's presentation here.

ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute Booth

Mr. Tanabe presenting on ISA100 Wireless

Mr. Hasegawa introducing Mr. Suenobu

Mr. Suenobu presenting on ISA100 Wireless

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