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Certified Interoperable

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute provides assurances of interoperability via our device testing and interoperability testing programs. This ensures that any supplier’s products can work securely and reliably “out of the box” in any other supplier’s network.

What does certification accomplish and what are the benefits?

  • Assures interoperability based on a test specification derived from ISA100 wireless communication standards
  • Provides instant recognition of wireless communication characteristics
  • Promotes a key differentiator for product or system
  • Allows equal and fair testing for all products to gain compliance
  • Enables registration for an easy-access listing of conforming products on the web
  • Use of an independent ISO/IEC 17025 test lab ensures objective, rigorous certification results.
  • Parity and fair access for all suppliers
  • Reduced costs, time, and risk in integration
  • and deployment for end users
  • Faster time to market for suppliers
  • More flexible system configurations
  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Single forum for voicing product needs for end users