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ISA100 Wireless is ready for use in wireless control applications:

  • Fully wireless control loop
  • Wireless actuator, wired sensor in control loop
  • Wireless sensor, wired actuator in control loop
  • Wireless sensor providing supplemental information to control loop

The Benefits

1. Improved Reliability • Troublesome wired sensors replaced by wireless counterparts.
• Wireless may serve as a backup for wired technology.
2. Improved Control • Add wireless devices to existing processes for more optimal control.
3. Cost Savings • Up to 90% of installed cost of conventional measurement technology can be for cable conduit and related construction.
• New and existing applications are now economically feasible.

ISA100 Wireless Features for Control

1. Rate and Latency • Publication rates 1-2 seconds
• Capable of 100 ms latency
• Controlled latency, ~50% publication rate
• 4 Hz publication in constrained configurations
2. Flexible System Architecture • Engineered and scalable IP backbone
• High redundancy:  duocast communication and redundant hardware
• Network layout flexibility:  multiple access points, field routers, and
   meshing/non-meshing devices
3. Mesh Networking • Mesh and non-mesh network topography
• Interoperable peer-to-peer connections
• Function blocks at the device level
• Battery life is deterministic.
• Meshing access points and field devices
4. Reliability • Wireless transmission is deterministic.
• Wireless transmission is received.
• Wireless transmission is accurate.
• Dual communication paths up to process control network
5. Security • Wireless transmission has not been hacked.