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Universal Industrial Wireless Network

ISA100 Wireless is an open, flexible framework that accommodates legacy applications regardless of protocol, thus protecting end user's existing application investments.

ISA100 Wireless Objects

ISA100 Wireless can simultaneously accommodate multiple protocols all within a single, interoperable network via the ISA100 Wireless object-oriented application model.  Examples available today include:

  • GasSecure gas sensor (ProfiSafe for enhanced security)
  • 3eTi network nodes (FIPS 140-2 for military grade security)
  • GE Bently Nevada Vibration sensors (proprietary protocol)
  • Honeywell Enraf radar level gauge (proprietary protocol)


Another way to transmit non-native protocols through ISA100 Wireless networks, tunneling gives device manufacturers multiple options when building ISA100 Wireless product.

ISA100 Wireless Adapter

The ISA100 Wireless object-oriented application model enables the ISA100 Wireless HART Adapter to seamlessly integrate HART devices into the network while maintaining interoperability.

The figure above shows the flexibility of the ISA100 Wireless universal network.  The ISA100 Wireless mesh network is comprised of devices from multiple manufacturers.  Some are using the native ISA100 Wireless protocol.  And others are using ISA100 objects with different protocols.  The two legacy HART devices, wired to a controller, are reporting HART digital data to the ISA100 Wireless network via ISA100 Wireless HART adapters.