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Success Stories

With over 1 billion operating hours, users are realizing cost savings and maximizing operational efficiencies at sites around the globe.

“We continue to enjoy the cost savings from the ISA100 Wireless system over our previous manual process.  The data is more reliable and avoids human error.  The ability to upgrade the firmware over the wireless network has also saved us time and is very convenient."

Mr. HuZhengJun
Director of the XiGu Tank Farm
PetroChina Northwest Sales Company

Collected here are the stories of real world asset owners, and how they used ISA100 Wireless to:

  • Reduce installation costs
  • Deliver fast and simple commissioning
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve data reliability, security, safety, and quality, and
  • Lower labor and maintenance costs

Browse this section and learn more about the many ways you can use and benef from ISA100 Wireless.


Project Challenges
  • The Bodycote facility was able to measure its total gas consumption, but it was unable to measure how much gas was being used at each of its furnaces.
  • Without a clear understanding of the per furnace gas usage, its managers were unable to effectively increase plant efficiency, diminishing the plant's profitability.

CNPC Oil Depot

Project Challenges
  • The CNPC Northwest Sales Center Xigu Oil Depot was reconstructing to support real-time data acquisition from the control system, the operation of the railway loading bridge, and the Beitan Oil depot.

ENAP Aconcagua Refinery

Project Challenges
  • The refinery needed to be able to measure pH, oxygen concentration, temperature, flow, and opacity of water discharged into the ocean in order to meet new environmental regulations.
  • Measurements needed to be made on a real-time basis in a safe, secure, and cost effective manner.

Frontier El Dorado

Project Challenges
  • The Frontier El Dorado Refining Company knew the total amount of material going into its Flare Gas Recovery Unit (FGRU), but did not know where it was coming from.
  • Each event required an individual investigation of every unit, consuming time and decreasing efficiency.


Project Challenges
  • Hexion needed to upgrade it's smoke detection system.
  • The smoke warning system included a manual telephone call to the Hexion warehouse as the only way to pass on information.


Project Challenges
  • Qenos, Australia’s leading plastics and rubber company, runs three plants which interface and exchange product transfer information, as ethylene is produced at the olefins plant and the transferred downstream to the resins and plastics plant.  Qenos was using a combination of an older wireless technology and fixed cable telephone lines to move data from plant to plant and measure product transfers.
  • However, the fixed digital telephone line was being phased out by the incumbent telecommunications provider.  And the existing wireless solution was facing maintenance issues.

Qingdao Refinery

Project Challenges
  • Qingdao refinery’s Water Supply System was using wired flow meters.  The measurement points were scattered, and cabling to the control room was difficult.
  • Data reading was done by manual inspection, causing high labor costs and non real-time data.

Reliance Industries

Project Challenges
  • The company struggled with access and reliability of tank level and temperature readings.
  • Wiring for the system was expensive and undependable.
  • The existing single loop solution required continuous monitoring by the instrumentation department.

Shire Biopharmaceuticals

Project Challenges
  • Shire received FDA approval for a new pharmaceutical product and had to act quickly to build a plant to produce the new offering.  They needed a wireless system with the ability to scale up quickly, and with proven technical capabilities.

Tata Chemicals

Project Challenges
  • Tata faced data integrity issues when tapping signals from remote process control areas, and other distant locations including the gas scrubber.
  • Long distances made maintenance and troubleshooting difficult for engineers.