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The ISA100 Wireless standard is the first to be built specifically for industrial wireless communication.  It's advanced features were designed in an open process - involving users, venders, and key stake holders - and are transforming the way the industry thinks about wireless. 

They include:
  • Reliability and Coexistence Mechanisms providing the industry's lowest Error Rate in congested wireless environments.
  • Object Technology enabling proven, distributed control in the field.
  • Multiple Protocol Support enabling true protocol interoperability, including HART
  • Comprehensive, Two-Level Security features including AES-128.
  • Scalability tested up to 500 devices with theoretical support for 30,000.
  • Over-the-Air or Out-of-Band Provisioning delivering rapid set up.
  • IPv6-Based Technology (6LoWPAN) for industrial applications, 'Industrial Internet of Things.'

This section provides educational resources that will give you insight into ISA100 Wireless' features and capabilities, and help you understand how ISA100 Wireless can reduce costs and streamline operations.