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How to Certify ISA100 Wireless Product

To submit product for certification:
  • Contact WCI to schedule the test (usually 2 week advance notice is required).
  • Submit the WCI Certification Test Registration Information Form to WCI.  Download the stack form here.  Download the device form here.  For the system forms, please contact us.
  • Submit WCI Certification Agreement.  WCI will provide this form following completion of step 2.
  • Submit product.
  • You will be billed for the WCI testing services before the start of testing.  Assuming your product passes the certification test, the ISA100 WCI registration fee is included on the invoice.

Devices must use a certified ISA100 Wireless communication stack.  If the device is submitted with an uncertified stack version, it cannot be certified.

Conformance Test and Registration Fees 
System Certification—(WCI lab fee: [Time and Materials] + ISA100 WCI system registration fee: $6,000)
Stack Certification—(WCI lab fee: $9,000 + ISA100 WCI stack registration fee: $9,000)

Device Certification— (WCI lab fee: $3,000 + ISA100 WCI device registration fee: $3,000)

Certification Contact Information
ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
67 TW Alexander Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Points of contact:
Jay Werb -

Additional Information

Compliance Logos

To claim products are ISA100 Compliant™ and display the ISA100 Compliant logo on promotional material, the product must be certified through an accredited testing agency, and the registration fee, which includes WCI’s logo fee, must be paid.


The ISA100 Wireless product registration procedures require each product vendor to use a unique MANUFACTURER_ID number.   Please contact WCI to learn more about MANUFACTURER_ID guidlines.

Product ID

The product ID is used to identify the certified product in WCI’s registered devices list.   There are no restrictions on the content or format for your product ID.  WCI typically uses the products customer-facing sales/marketing ID number.  If the product is in prototype, an internal number may be used but we recommend using your planned model number to reduce updates to recordkeeping.

Pending Certification

Vendors may advertise their products as ISA100 Wireless Compliant Certification Pending after they have submitted product to an accredited testing agency and before the completion of the test.  However, this isn’t recommended unless you are confident that your product will pass the conformance certification test.

Recertification Testing (maintenance of certification)

All ISA100 Wireless devices, stacks, and systems must undergo WCI testing for the initial certification.  For point releases to fix bugs, vendors may run the test themselves and send test logs to WCI.  For major releases that include functional changes, a full test like the initial certification will be required.  WCI randomly audits 10% of vendor submitted test logs against their own test logs.