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FDI Compliant

In collaboration with FieldComm Group, ISA100 Wireless supports the industry’s FDI initiative to facilitate integration of FF function blocks into a wide variety of systems.

The ISA100 Wireless application layer objects can be modeled as Fieldbus Foundation (FF) function blocks, and WCI-certified devices commonly use FF Device Description files for system integration. 

FDI technology has been developed and supported by the automation industry’s leading technology foundations and suppliers. With FDI the advantages of FDT® are combined with those of EDDL in a single, scalable solution. FDI takes account of the various tasks over the entire lifecycle for both simple and the most complex devices, including configuration, commissioning, diagnosis and calibration.

An FDI Enabled solution requires two components.

  • A host system that supports FDI. Host examples include control systems, configurators, and asset management software.
  • Instrumentation that includes support for FDI Packages.

FIeldComm Group supplies two products and a training workshop that are designed to allow automation suppliers to accelerate development of FDI:

  • FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • FDI Common Host Components
  • FDI and EDDL Integration Workshop

Benefits for Users

  • A single file package for device configuration that includes the DD, product documentation, device-centric user interfaces,
  • Security through digital certificates,
  • More easily understood file names,
  • Better cataloging

Benefits for Control System Manufacturers

  • A single toolset for both FDI Packages and legacy EDD systems
  • A single toolset for multiple communication protocols including HART, HART-IP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, ISA100, and PROFIBUS/PROFINET
  • Uses FDI Common Host Components ensures device to host interoperability
  • The client-server architecture simplifies the use of device data and functions in powerful, distributed control systems
  • Transparent access to device data and functions facilitates the integration of other applications; the central management of data prevents inconsistencies
  • The automatic loading of user interfaces by the client means client-side installation is no longer required

Benefits for Device Manufacturers

  • Reduced effort and cost savings - FDI Device Package has to be created for only one device, instead of the current host specific EDD variants and DTMs
  • Scalability - simple devices get along with a simple device package
  • Integrated Development Environment ensures interoperability and cost-efficient development of FDI Device Packages
  • Single toolset used for both product development and device registration
  • Single toolset to develop many protocol variations - familiar user interface for simplicity and ease of development