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Bluetooth Low Energy

These new programs provide enhancements to the ISA100 Wireless platform designed to improve interoperability and the user experience.

ISA100 Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy integration supports interoperable provisioning and commissioning of field devices from a cellphone app.

Introduced to the market in 2010, Bluetooth Low Energy, also commonly called Bluetooth LE or BLE, supports a wide range of applications, including data transfer, location services, device networking, and others. BLE is intended as a protocol that can be used on battery operated devices, such as sensors, that are asleep most of the time and transmit a modest amount of data when they are awake.

ISA100 Wireless’ BLE integration focuses on providing users with a convenient and interoperable process for configuring next-generation field devices using a cellphone app for operation on an ISA100 Wireless network.

Further, this new integration provides a foundation for additional BLE-powered use cases and applications for the same devices in the future.

The ISA100 Wireless protocol was designed as an open platform that could easily incorporate existing and future technologies. Even though BLE did not exist when ISA100 Wireless was designed, ISA100 Wireless’ open nature enables the seamless integration of BLE.

Power Station

Primary Benefits

  • Convenient provisioning and commissioning using an app on the user’s phone
  • A standardized and certifiable approach to BLE integrations with ISA100 Wireless
  • Adds a second radio to ISA100 Wireless devices that can be used for other use cases in the future
  • Well-vetted and understood security

Vendor Benefits

  • Standardized, convenient, and certifiable configuration of field devices for operation on an ISA100 Wireless network
  • Opportunity for device vendors to deploy the same devices in simple network configurations using BLE alone

End User Benefits

  • Simplified and interoperable setup and maintenance of an ISA100 Wireless field devices through the user’s cellphone
  • Opportunity for device vendors to deploy the same devices in simple network configurations using BLE alone

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