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End Users

ISA100 Wireless has been delivering value in operational environments like yours for over 15 years.

Why Certification Matters

When end users and asset owners alike asked for a wireless protocol to meet the unique challenges they were facing in the industrial environment, ISA100 Wireless was the result.  Certified ISA100 products incorporate the required underlying technology, architecture, and features to address your desired capabilities and features. ISA100 Wireless certification guarantees interoperability and provides you confidence the products will effortlessly work with any ISA100 Wireless product and/or system, regardless of vendor.

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Certified Products

View the ISA100 Wireless product portfolio.

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Success Stories

Real world asset owners, and how they use ISA100 Wireless

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Industry Use Cases

See how ISA100 Wireless is used in a variety of industries.

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Find Certified Products

Choose from best-of-breed products from the world’s leading suppliers.  Certification assures the product will interoperate in any ISA100 Wireless network.