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Ensure your plant operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

ISA100 delivers a single, plant-wide wireless solution built to thrive in harsh industrial environments, to increase operational efficiency, and reduce security risks.

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Manage plant operations with confidence.

ISA100 was purpose-built for the process industry so your operating systems communicate efficiently and safely, allowing you to manage your plant the way you'd like to. 

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Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

ISA100 includes leading edge performance and reliability technologies so you can quickly and simply increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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More Choice In Your Buying Decision

Get the data you need without limitations. Our interoperable technology means you can choose the best supplier and the best product for the job.

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Future Proof Wireless Technology

ISA100 leads with a focus on enabling innovation. IIoT compatibility and IPv6 are just the start. Our solutions stay relevant long after commissioning, so you feel satisfied with your investment.

Inferior wireless network performance is costly.

When you rely on wireless technology to automate complex business processes, inferior wireless technology creates bottlenecks, magnifies errors, and increases the risk to your facility and people. 


  • Increased downtime is expensive

    Relying on old technology for ongoing use or preventative maintenance is a sure way to slow down your operations. 
  • Inexperience can lead to mistakes and damages

    Not all industrial wireless network technologies have the ability to provide reliable performance. This can leave you vulnerable to systems not working when they are most needed.
  • Short term solutions create long term problems.

    When you use solutions based on what may be working right now, you sacrifice the stability needed for long-term planning and success. This lack of stability can increase cost and stress levels when you have to repeat the process again in a few years.


  • Future proof wireless increases productivity

    Investing in a wireless technology built for the demands of today's process industry helps your organization keep up with the continuously growing demands of the industry.
  • Our experience drives confidence 

    With billions of operating hours in real-world plants used by the industry's most trusted leaders, ISA100 certified products and systems are your safest and best bet.
  • Enjoy an all in one solution that provides value for decades to come.

    Our interoperable and IIoT-enabled wireless technology allows you to simply and seamlessly grow as your wireless needs evolve.

How To Take Action

We understand you want a simple solution to managing a complex problem and that working with a proven, globally recognized supplier is crucial.

The Process
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    See ISA100 in Action

    Evaluate multiple successful case studies and determine if we’re your best fit. We want you to feel confident about using ISA100 as your certified technology of choice.
  • 2

    Review Our Catalog

    Get to know the suite of ISA100 certified products and include ISA100 technology in your procurement specifications.
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    Become a Member

    Fill out the application and receive all the benefits of becoming an ISA100 member.

Resources to Fit Your Role

Invest in a solution that will improve your operations and cut costs.

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What is ISA100 Wireless?

An international standards-based technology delivering secure and reliable wireless networks for the harsh industrial environment.

Learn More

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Supplier Resources

Learn how to develop ISA100 Wireless technology and achieve certification.

Supplier Resources

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End User Resources

Review our product portfolio and deployment examples to learn why ISA100 is the industry leader in industrial wireless technology.

End User Resources

Our Members

The industry's best and brightest support ISA100. Interested organizations are welcome to join and enjoy membership benefits anytime.



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Speak with the ISA100 Wireless Experts

ISA100 Wireless technology has been delivering value in operating sites for nearly 15 years. Developed through a multi-stakeholder process to meet the specific needs of industrial wireless communication, ISA100 certification guarantees interoperability between vendors - delivering best-of-breed wireless solutions that are standards-based, robust, and secure.