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Certified Interoperability

Certification ensures any supplier’s ISA100 products will work securely and reliably “out of the box” in any ISA100 network.

How does ISA100 certification benefit you?

  • It assures the marketplace the product will function properly in any ISA100 network.

  • Certification improves product quality by driving consistent and predictable product performance.
  • A rich product portfolio of certified products enables more flexible system configurations in real world installations.
  • A neutrally located, multivendor portfolio of certified products provides the marketplace easy insight as to the state of the technology.
  • Certification provides instant marketplace recognition of wireless communication characteristics.
  • The use of an independent ISO/IEC 17025 test lab ensures objective, rigorous, and fair certification results for all suppliers and gives end users confidence in the results.

Benefits for End Users

Benefits for Suppliers

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Purpose-built by the industry for the industry to meet end users’ requirements and future proof investments. ISA100 Wireless simplifies wireless operations, improves plant performance, and reduces your operational costs.