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Control Ready

The Benefits of Using ISA100 Wireless
for Control

Wireless sensor providing supplemental information to control loop.
  • Improved Reliability

    – Troublesome wired sensors replaced by wireless counterparts.
    – Wireless may serve as a backup for wired technology.

  • Improved Control

    – If it's impossible to deploy additional wired devices, add wireless devices to existing processes and applications for more optimal control.

  • Cost Savings

    – Up to 90% of installed cost of conventional wired measurement technology can be for cable conduit and related construction, so wireless technology can create significant cost savings
    – New and existing applications are now economically feasible which without wireless technology would be economically impossible.

Many Wireless Protocols cannot meet the demands of control applications. ISA100 Wireless can.

Rate and Latency

Flexible System Architecture

Mesh Networking



ISA100 is ready for use in the following control applications:

  • Fully wireless control loop

  • Wireless actuator, wired sensor in control loop

  • Wireless sensor, wired actuator in control loop

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Purpose-built by the industry for the industry to meet end users’ requirements and future proof investments. ISA100 Wireless simplifies wireless operations, improves plant performance, and reduces your operational costs.