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ENAP Aconcagua Refinery

Project Challenges

  • The refinery needed to be able to measure pH, oxygen concentration, temperature, flow, and opacity of water discharged into the ocean in order to meet new environmental regulations.
  • Measurements needed to be made on a real-time basis in a safe, secure, and cost effective manner.


  • Engineers chose an ISA100 Wireless network for several reasons:
    • Fast data update.
    • A back door path in case of network breakdown.
    • Self-healing mesh networks to ensure reliability.
    • A battery life of up to ten years with one second update rates, as transmitters do not need to dual task.


  • Saved more than $100,000 as compared to wired alternatives.
  • Real-time accessibility to data previously unavailable due to rough terrain.
  • Avoided corrosion maintenance costs that would have accompanied a wired solution.

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