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Project Challenges

  • Hexion needed to upgrade its smoke detection system.
  • The smoke warning system included a manual telephone call to the Hexion warehouse as the only way to pass on information.


  • 8 ISA100 Wireless transmitters were installed at the smoke reporting units.  These transmitters send their data to a central base radio, placed in a high position in the neighborhood control room.  From there data is sent to the Distributed control system via wire.
  • Each transmitter can send signals 600 to 800 meters.  Repeaters can be added to traverse greater distances, even up to several kilometers
  • A star network configuration was used, with a frequency of 886 MHz and a bandwidth of 5 MHz.  This is enough for 15-18 transmitters.


  • Wireless transmitters installed at less than one-third of the original estimated cost.
  • Reliable, immediate, and accurate data helped meet and maintain regulatory requirements.
  • Easy access to multiple warehouse data and improved reporting and communication to the central control room for improved safety and performance.
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs.

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