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Shire Biopharmaceuticals

Project Challenges

  • Shire received FDA approval for a new pharmaceutical product and had to act quickly to build a plant to produce the new offering.  They needed a wireless system with the ability to scale up quickly, and with proven technical capabilities.


  • Shire selected wireless stations built on ISA100 Wireless technology rather than the more traditional hardened wash-down enclosures.
  • Installed 23 wireless stations and 1 mesh network.


  • Fast network implementation
  • Reduced maintenance costs relative to wired alternative.
  • Reduced personnel needed for commissioning and start up, saving money.
  • Highly flexible network, allowing the plant to change direction quickly and easily with minimal cost incurred.
  • Wireless allows Shire to effectively focus resources on critical plant areas and quickly adapt and change operating and commissioning priorities, allowing schedules to be compressed as required by market demand.
  • Reduced equipment cost, including computer and enclosure costs, software licensing fees, and the often overlooked annual operation expenses for a business computer, which can be 3-5 times the hardware cost of the computer.

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