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Gas Plants

Gas Plants

Use Case: Monitoring Pressure at the Bottom of Tanks

Monitoring the pressure of gas tanks. There are 5 tanks in the yard.


  • The measurement point is bottom of tank.
  • This place is enclosed in the cage of metal.
  • Tank is huge metallic globe, so the direction of radio path had to be cared.
  • There are some trees between the field device and control room.


  • The antenna is set on the roof of control room, and keep radio oath to field device.
  • Pressure Transmitter (EJX) is installed at pressure measurement port of tank.

Benefits of ISA 100 to Industry

  • Eliminate wiring and maintenance costs
  • Established high quality communication with Packet Error Rate (PER): Max 4%

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Purpose-built by the industry for the industry to meet end users’ requirements and future-proof investments. ISA100 Wireless simplifies wireless operations, improves plant performance, and reduces your operational costs.