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Robust - Ensuring performance and scalability with spectrum monitoring and device management

Users should have an interoperable network that doesn’t sacrifice performance even if other wireless solutions are already installed. That’s why ISA100 Wireless is designed with coexistence in mind, delivering optimal performance in the presence of other wireless networks.

The Problem:

Sharing The Spectrum

Radios operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band must share frequency in the presence of other RF systems.

ISA100 Wireless’ Solution:

ETSI EN 300.328 v1.8.1 compliance
ISA100 Wireless is the only industrial wireless network protocol that satisfies this regulation, which goes into effect January 1, 2015. Download the ETSI 300.328 v1.8.1 regulation

Channel Blacklist
Automatically avoid congested channels

Frequency/Channel Hopping
Minimizes error by spreading signal over entire available band

Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
Energy spreads so it looks like noise to other systems

Dynamic Power Control
Limits interference

Low Duty Cycle Operation
Short time-synchronized communication reduces congestion

CSMA/CA (Listen Before Talk) Clear Channel Assessment
Avoids collisions with other radio systems

Frequency Selection
Force operation on specific channels to optimize performance