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Cloud based ISA100 Wireless data acquisition system (October 12, 2022)

As ISA100 utilization in industrial applications increases, so does the need for centralized management of a multitude of networks which are geographically spread. To address this growing need, CDS has developed a cloud based centralized management system for ISA100 gateways using MQTT over cellular and satellite links.

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 12th, at 11 AM New York Time


Ovidiu Ratiu

CDS - General Manager

A telecommunications engineer that has served as CTO and CEO of US and Romanian technology companies, focusing on the design and development of new technologies and products in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks. Since 2012, he is the General Manager of CDS, a Romanian company specializing in Industrial Wireless communications, with customers in the aerospace, oil & gas, energy and environmental sectors.

Currently working on his PhD thesis, he is the author of 11 patents granted in the Unites States by the USPTO and of several papers published in local and international scientific journals with subjects related to wireless communications for industrial and environmental monitoring applications.