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Cybersecurity Defenses Built Into ISA100 Wireless (December 13th, 2023)

Today's industrial wireless customers are asking more and more questions about cybersecurity. Are industrial wireless networks secure? What makes an ISA100 Wireless network secure? How secure are they? This webinar will answer these questions and many more. 

This webinar will present an in-depth review of the cyber defense mechanisms built into ISA100 Wireless, as well as present the results of a real-world penetration test performed on a major end user's wireless network.

Our speaker is an expert in both ISA100 Wireless technology as well as cybersecurity, and will happily answer any questions you may have in the Q/A session following the presentation.

Topics Covered:

•    Introduction to Industrial Wireless and Cybersecurity
•    In-depth Review of ISA100 Wireless Cybersecurity Mechanism
•    Case Study: Results of Penetration Test performed on a major end user's network
•    Q/A

Who Should Participate? 

•    Industrial Operations Managers
•    Automation Managers and Engineers
•    Field Instrumentation Engineers
•    Industrial Plant Maintenance Managers and Engineers
•    Health and Safety Executives (HSE) 
•    Energy Managers
•    Transmitter Vendors
•    OT Automation Analysts 
•    Standards Professionals 
•    Industrial Systems Integrators 

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 13th, at 11 AM New York Time


Dave Kean

Dave Kean

Draeger, Field Project Engineer

David Kean joined Draeger in 2017. In his position as wireless field engineer, he has been involved in system design, testing, installation and commissioning of all UK fixed wireless systems.

In previous roles he was heavily involved in industrial IT infrastructure as a communications engineer, specializing in wireless communication.