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IIOT - Steam Trap Monitoring Digitization Using ISA100 Wireless (April 10, 2019)

Steam Trap failures contribute 20-30% of steam waste for a typical facility per year where no Steam Trap Management platform is in place. Monitoring high pressure/critical steam traps can reduce utility bills, while improving processes reliability.

This webinar will:
    • introduce the basics of industrial wireless communication
    • introduce ISA100 Wireless communication technology
    • discuss the benefits of monitoring steam traps on various application while demonstrating the scalability of ISA100 infrastructure partnered with a comprehensive steam trap monitoring platform.

10 April 2019



Justin Grubka

Global Product Manager - Smart Services - Armstrong International
Justin Grubka is the Global Product Manager for Armstrong International’s Smart Products Group. Previous to his current role, Justin was a solution specialist for Armstrong’s wireless products and was responsible for assisting North American customers implement, install and utilize wireless monitoring to improve their overall steam system efficiency. Currently, Justin focuses on global sales strategies and implementations in growing markets around the world. Justin graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Supply Chain Management and earned his MBA from Spring Arbor University. He resides in Portage, Michigan with his wife, Ashley, and 6 -year-old step-daughter, Jayden.