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FDT Group Announces Newly Integrated Networks

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The FDT® Standard Now Supports More than 18 Industry Protocols including ISA100 Wireless™

Jodoigne, Belgium, 8 April 2014

The FDT Group has publically release several new and updated communications annexes for the FDT® standard. Communication annexes allow existing FDT installations to support new and updated communication protocols without the need to re-engineer or re-release the standard or tools.

The following annexes are immediately available on the FDT Group public website:

o ISA100.11a Annex V1.0 (for FDT 1.2.1)
o IO-Link Annex V1.1 (for FDT 1.2.1)
o PROFIBUS Annex V1.1 (for FDT2)
o Modbus Annex V1.0 (for FDT2)

This package of new annexes includes the ISA100 Wireless™ standard, the first fully wireless communications standard incorporated in the FDT standard.

"It was a pleasure for our technical experts to work with those from the FDT organization on this annex for ISA100 Wireless. The public release of the FDT annex makes the most popular integration platform of FDT available to support the great capabilities of ISA100 Wireless. We are proud to be the first fully wireless standard associated with the FDT standard," states Andre Ristaino, Managing Director of the ISA100 Wireless Standards Compliance Institue.

The FDT Group regularly works with various network standards associations and other technical experts around the world to ensure that the FDT standard supports end users with all of the popular networks and related features. This also continues the position of the FDT standard as the preferred integration technology for all networks, vendors, and configuration methods. As part of this ongoing process, the FDT Group has also begun a membership review, the precursor to a public release, of the following additional communication annexes:

o Foundation Fieldbus V1.0 (for FDT2)
o PROFINET V1.0 (for FDT2)


About the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (ISA100 WCI) is a non-profit industry organization providing users and developers with market awareness, educational information, technical sup-port, and compliance for the ISA100 family of universal industrial wireless standards. The ISA100 WCI provides real world feedback from deployment of ISA100 devices and systems to ISA Standards Committees in order to foster rapid refinement and development of open industry standards for wireless applications. Institute members include end users, technology suppliers, research and development professionals, academia, and other industry consortia and standards bodies. Early members include Apprion, BP, Chevron, Chongqing University of Posts and Tele-communications, ExxonMobil, Fuji Electric, Gastronics, GE, Honeywell, Nivis, Procter & Gamble, R3 Sensors, Shell, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Yamatake and Yokogawa. For further information please visit

ISA 100 Wireless™ is a trademark of the ISA Wireless Compliance Institute.