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ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute Hosts ISA100 Technology Implementation Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

Research Triangle Park, NC (17 August 2011) –The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) announced today the success of its ISA100.11a technology implementation seminar in Tokyo, Japan. The seminar was hosted by Yokogawa, Yamatake, Fuji Electric and Nivis. More than 20 engineers from leading automation suppliers attended the one-day event that highlighted the status of the ISA100.11a- 2011 industrial wireless standard, provided an introduction to the standard, the system architecture and beneficial characteristics inherent in the standard. The seminar included a training session on product integration tools available for the ISA100.11a technology and how to develop products based on the standard.

“The interest from the Asia Pacific region has been incredible, and we will continue to offer seminars and training as the need dictates,” said Toshi Hasegawa, manager of industrial automation wireless marketing, Yokogawa, and district leader of ISA100 WCI Asia Pacific Region. “We are thrilled that major suppliers from this region are currently developing or looking to develop products supporting the ISA100.11a-2011 standard and expanding the portfolio to include products such as liquid analyzers, gas analyzers, flowmeters, level meters and control valves.”

The seminar provided an overview of ISA100.11a technology, covered application and installation examples, and included hands-on development exercises using the ISA100.11a Application Program Interface (API). Several suppliers who participated in the implementation seminar will showcase prototype products at the November 2011JEMIMA show in Tokyo, which will feature an ISA100.11a device interoperability demonstration.

“The success of the training session we hosted was beyond our expectations,” said Scott Johnson, vice president product management, Nivis. “The room was filled with product suppliers excited to learn more about how to implement ISA100.11a wireless communication technology into their products."


About the ISA100 Standard
The ISA100.11a industrial wireless networking standard is the first in the ISA100 open family of standards. This wireless mesh network protocol standard ensures that supplier companies will build interoperable wireless automation control products and provides users the freedom to choose best-of-breed ISA100.11a field devices from any supplier. As a result, automation engineers are able to create, modify, optimize and scale wireless networks quickly at user sites. With ISA100, customers will have a solution that is open, interoperable, scalable and reliable for their most critical applications. The ISA100.11a wireless standard is simple to deploy, reliable and supports traditional and future applications.

Planned additions to the ISA100 family of standards include support for backhaul functionality, factory automation and other use cases. Details on the approved standard, the ISA100 roadmap and use-case presentations are available at

About the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) is a non-profit industry organization providing users and developers with market awareness, educational information, technical support, and compliance for the ISA100 family of universal industrial wireless standards. The WCI provides real world feedback from deployment of ISA100 devices and systems to ISA Standards Committees in order to foster rapid refinement and development of open industry standards for wireless applications. Institute members include end users, technology suppliers, research and development professionals, academia, and other industry consortia and standards bodies. Early members include Apprion, BP, Chevron, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, ExxonMobil, Flowserve, Fuji Electric, Gastronics, GE, Honeywell, Nivis, Procter & Gamble, R3 Sensors, Shell, Shengyang Institute of Automation, Yamatake and Yokogawa. More information about the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute can be found online at

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