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ISA100 Wireless End User Conference - Houston, Texas - June 29th, 2016

On June 29th the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute hosted its second End User Conference of the year in Houston, Texas.  The conference had a general focus of ISA100 Wireless Applications, and a track focus of ISA100 Wireless for Safety Applications.

Penny Chen, Chairman, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute, describes the progress of ISA100 Wireless

After many people had to be turned away due to seating capacity limitations at the first End User Conference of the year, WCI decided to host an encore conference in the Houston area with new and updated content.

Justin Grubka, Armstrong International, presents to a Wireless Steam Trap application

Attendees learned about the ISA100 Wireless standard, as well as how it is currently being used in real world applications.

Of great interest to attendees were the many unique  applications enabled by ISA100 Wireless, such as wireless safety applications, wireless steam trap monitoring, and wireless valve monitoring and diagnostics.

Jay Werb, Technical Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute, discusses the ISA100 Wireless standard

ISA100 Wireless network flexibility was a common theme among the many presentations.  Many attendees were interested in the "One Network architecture" of ISA100 Wireless networks.

Lively Q & A periods enriched the attendees experiences as the presenters expanded upon their presentations to answer specific, real world questions.

Florian Dahm, Draeger, leads a discussion around SIL rated ISA100 Wireless devices.

Draeger/GasSecure, Armstrong International, Rotork/Eltav, Nexcom, Apprion, Cosasco, Yokogawa, Honeywell, and   Centero hosted live table top demos where attendees were able to handle real life ISA100 Wireless devices and learn more about the value of ISA100 Wireless solutions.

Attendees browse the table top live demos.

See the complete list of presenters and presentations below:
Penny Chen, WCI Chairman - ISA100 WCI Overview

Jay Werb, WCI Technical Director - ISA100 Wireless Technology Overview

Israel Radomksy, Eltav - Valve Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance through ISA100 Wireless valve position Monitoring

Kevin Zamzow, Yokogawa - ISA100 Use Cases: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas 

Justin Grubka, Armstrong International - Steam Trap Monitoring 

Gale Lu, Nexcom & Robert Assimiti, Centero - Deploying ISA100 Wireless Distributed Networks 

Jay Werb, WCI Technical Director - ISA100 Wireless for Safety

Toshi Hasegawa, Yokogawa - Safety & Alarming Applications using ISA100 Wireless 

Florian Dahm, Draeger/GasSecure - Wireless gas detection in monitoring and safety applications – Design and performance criteria for devices & networks 

Kamran Alkan, Honeywell - Industrial Wireless - Enabling Safety