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ISA100 Wireless End User Conference - Rotterdam, The Netherlands - September 27th, 2016

The first European ISA100 Wireless End User Conference was successfully held in Rotterdam. The conference focused specifically on Safety Applications Enabled by ISA100 Wireless technology.

Jay Werb, ISA100 WCI Technical Director, discusses ISA100 Wireless'
technical advantages.

YC Cheng, Nexcom, discusses distributed networks via
ISA100 Wireless.

Jorgen Svare, GasSecure, discusses the GS01, the world's first SIL2
rated Wireless gas detector.

The conference included wireless demo’s by various vendors like Yokogawa, Honeywell, Spirax Sarco, Dräger and Eltav.  
A bonus was the nice venue of the conference, Zalmhuis, located at the river Maas in Rotterdam, kindly sponsored by Dräger.

The main conference room.

It was an interesting day with lots of learning opportunity and good interaction amongst the many industry professionals that attended the conference. Draeger/GasSecure, Armstrong International, Rotork/Eltav, Nexcom, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Control Data Systems, and Centero hosted live table top demos where attendees were able to handle real life ISA100 Wireless devices and learn more about the value of ISA100 Wireless solutions.

Attendees network with conference presenters & exhibitors.

See the complete list of presenters and presentations below:  

ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute Intro - Andre Ristaino, ISA100 WCI Managing Director

ISA100 Wireless Technology Overview - Jay Werb, ISA100 WCI Technical Director

Valve Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance through ISA100 Wireless valve position Monitoring - Israel Radomsky, Rotork/Eltav

Wireless Steam Trap Monitoring - Christian Mallinson, Spirax Sarco

ISA100 for Control Applications - Andrei Rusu, CDS 

Deploying ISA100 Wireless Distributed Network - YC Cheng, Nexcom

StatOil Presents:  Wireless Gas Detection - Opportunities and Challenges as Experienced in Design and in the Field - Jorgen Svare, Draeger/GasSecure

Safety & Alarming Applications using ISA100 Wireless - Jozef Schulcz, Yokogawa

ISA100 Wireless for Safety - Jay Werb, ISA100 WCI Technical Director

Industrial Wireless Enabling Safety - Diederik Mols, Honeywell