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ISA100 Wireless Live Training - Galveston, Texas - November 9th, 2022

On Wednesday, 9 November 2022, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute members hosted an ISA100 Wireless training. Participants learned about the basics as well as implementation of ISA100 Wireless technology.  All particpants who successfully completed the trainging receieved an ISA100 WCI Training Certificate.
Galveston, Texas.  A diverse group of attendents participated in the event.

Topics of the training day included:  

  • ISA100 Wireless Technology Primer
  • ISA100 Wireless Case Studies
  • How to plan your network:  Perpectives from 4 different companies
  • Q&A
  • Networking with peers
Date and Location
Wednesday November 9th, 2022
09:45 – 16:30
San Luis Convention Center
Galveston, TX

All presentations are availalable for download:

Introduction to the Wireless Compliance Institute, Andre Ristaino, WCI 

Technology Introduction, Jay Werb, WCI

Current Product Ecosystem and Development Pathways, Michael Brazda, WCI
Current State of the Market, Robert Assimiti, Centero
Case Study:  Steam Traps and Safety Release Valves, Philippe Moock, Armstrong International

Case Study: Oil Field Realtime Monitoring, Robert Assimiti, Armstrong International

Case Study:  Wireless Gas Detectors and SIL2 Wireless Safety, Adne Baer-Olsen, Draeger

Deployment Guidelines:  Honeywell, Bryan Moss,  Honeywell

Deployment Guidelines:  Yokogawa, Toshi Hasegawa,  Yokogawa

Deployment Guidelines:  Centero, Robert Assimiti,  Centero

Deployment Guidelines: Draeger, Adne Baer Olsen,  Draeger