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Live ISA100 Wireless Training Held in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

On Tuesday, 18 June 2019, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute members hosted an ISA100 Wireless training. Participants learned about the basics as well as implementation of ISA100 Wireless technology

All particpants who successfully completed the trainging receieved an ISA100 WCI Training Certificate at the end of the day.


Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.  End Users from around the region attended the event to learn about ISA100 Wireless from the experts.

Topics of the training day included:  

  • Basics of industrial wireless
  • User benefits of ISA100 Wireless and real-world implementation examples
  • ISA100 Wireless Demo
  • How to design and deploy a wireless network
  • How to implement ISA100 Wireless technology in your product
  • Application examples around safety, efficiency, asset management, and energy savings
  • Q&A
  • Networking with peers
Date and Location
Tuesday June 18 June 2019, 9:30 – 16:00 (4pm)
Dräger Nederland BV
Huygensstraat 3-5
2721 LT Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

Attendees watch the live ISA100 Wireless demo.

This training is applicable for:
  • Operation Managers
  • Field Instrumentation Engineers
  • Maintenance Managers and Engineers
  • HSE Officers
  • Energy Managers
  • Industry Analysts
  • Standards Professionals
  • Systems Integrators
  • Vendors that are interested to develop ISA100 Wireless offerings

All presentations are availalable for download:
ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute and Standard Intro, Diederik Mols, ISA100 WCI Chairman of the Governance Board
ISA100 Network basics and implementation, Eusebiu Jecan, ISA100 WCI member, CDS WIRELESS

Design and implementation of Wireless Gas detection and end-to-end SIL2, Adne Olsen, ISA100 WCI member, Draeger, Herman Zwijnenberg, ISA100 WCI member, Yokogawa
Why wireless, why ISA100 Wireless, use cases of ISA100 Wireless, Diederik Mols, Honeywell

Wireless steam trap monitoring, Christian Mallinson, Spirax Sarco