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What is ISA100 Wireless?        

(Download ISA100 Wireless Technical Overview Brochure)

An international standard, IEC 62734, ISA100 Wireless is an open, universal IPv6 wireless network protocol that:

Establishes the Industrial Internet of Things

IPv6 addressibility makes ISA100 Wireless the only industrial network protocol compatible with the Internet of Things.

Meets EU ETSI Regulations Going into Effect January 1, 2015

ISA100 Wireless is the only industrial wireless network protocol that satisfies the ETSI EN 300.328 v1.8.1 regulation going into effect January 1, 2015.  ISA100 Wireless uses CSMA/CA (LBT listen before talk) CCA (clear channel assessment) technology to ensure co-existence with other unmanaged wireless devices using the same 2.4 Ghz frequency spectrum.

Download ETSI 300.328 v1.8.1 regulation

Extends existing applications

Scalability and flexibility unattainable with traditional wired installations

Enables new applications

Process visibility and control in locations where wiring would be infeasible and/or prohibitively epxensive

Eliminates protocol barriers

Universal object-oriented application model and tunneling technology supports any protocol, protecting legacy investments